We were stuck in Austin, Texas, and Carolyn arranged for the house to be painted inside and out, the floors to be refinished, the kitchen floor to be replaced, the inspections the staging... and got us lots of money for our tired old rental property. And, we never left Austin!
-- Seller

I've tried to imagine what we would have done without your sage advice and maneuvering throughout the process of bidding, negotiating and closing on Whitney... not a pretty picture! I prefer to think about how lucky we were to have been introduced to you, and have had you on our side. you were there at every turn, and we are so grateful.
-- Buyer

Thank you so much, Carolyn, for everything. We are anxious to have you over for dinner in out wonderful new home... as soon as we find the dishes (I know they're here somewhere!). Seriously, we couldn't have done this without you. You said when we began this process that we would probably talk on the phone every day and that we'd get tired of hearing from you. Well, we did talk almost every day and we never got tired of it. Still, when the phone rings, Kate and Tommy think it will be you. They send their love, as do we.
-- Buyer/Seller

I want to thank you for all your tireless efforts on our behalf. Of all the transactions that we have had together I'm sure this must have been the most challenging... these particular tenants have been so difficult for so many years. I'm not sure what you said to them (a bribe, maybe?), but you were able to get their cooperation like no one else. Tenants require a special brand of "hand holding" and while I think it was above and beyond the call of duty, I was so very glad you were so careful and gracious with them. On to the next...
-- Seller/Buyer of many rental properties


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