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What You Will Want To Know As A Buyer

We will talk about:

  • Current market conditions
    • The buyers’ position right now
    • Elements of competitive bidding
    • How to make yours the winning offer
    • Being pre-approved versus being pre-qualified
    • Who pays for what
  • What you are really looking for
  • The purchase contract, and disclosure documents, making sure that you fully understand the documents that you will be signing
  • How I can negotiate the purchase on your behalf
  • Service providers, excellent lenders, neighborhood-specific information regarding schools, shopping, cultural activities, and transportation
  • The escrow period
    • Escrow and title…Who are these people and what do they do?
    • Arrange necessary inspections and attend with you
    • Follow up with your lender
    • Schedule the final walk through
    • Attend signing of the escrow documents prior to the close of escrow
I will communicate with you daily, via email, phone or both, letting you know what is new and relevant on the market and arranging viewings. You will see homes with me and on your own. Your feedback is essential in this process. I will stay within the agreed upon price range that you establish.


What You Will Want To Know As A Seller

We will talk about:

  • Your questions and objectives with regard to selling your home
  • General factors, which may include current market conditions, location and competing homes for sale in your area
  • Specific factors such as the condition of your home, accessibility for showing, the listing price, and which agent you choose
  • Establishing a calendar and marketing plan specific to your needs and your home
  • Arranging for pre-market inspections, such as the termite report and the pre-sale inspections
  • Providing staging assistance, either for the purpose of staging or simply re-arranging
  • Resources for paint, color, gardening, hauling, and pet care. You name it, it's on my list! I can be as involved in this process as you like. I regularly prepare homes for the market and can help you decide what will be best for your home. Or you can simply leave it all to me.
  • The offer process
    • How we handle multiple offers
    • How to evaluate the buyer, his intent, his credit worthiness
    • How to negotiate the contract, both price and terms, to your best advantage
    • What will happen during the escrow and how I will guide it to a successful close

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